Zandu Balm 20 pieces

6 Pack of Zandu Balm 20 pieces 10 gm

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1,200.00 Grams

20 Pieces Of Zandu Balm 0.35 OZ

Zandu Balm has been specifically developed for the 3 common problems of general people. People can use it for the removal of headaches, body aches and in state of severe or minor cold. This balm has been prepared with all natural ingredients and it is extremely effective in removing all the 3, already mentioned problems of general people. The users are supposed to massage a little quantity of this balm on the affected area. In no time, it eliminates the hurting aches from the body of the users of this balm. Due to the usage of all natural constituents in this balm, there is no danger that it will produce any kind of negative effects on the skin of users. 

Zandu balm is not for use for any purpose other than the condition, when some person feels some kind of pain, anywhere in the body. Although, it doesn’t contain any kind of substance, which could be harmful for the users but still its use without the necessity, is not recommended by manufacturers. The person, who is suffering from pain, should apply it gently on that area of body where he would be feeling aching. 

This balm is really helpful for those athletes and players, who find it very difficult to keep themselves away from their intense body interaction with playing ground or with the bodies of other players. These interactions most of the times produce, quite a lot of pain in the muscles of their body and hence they are always required to have such a material or balm in their approach, which can give them quick relief at the time of pain. Zandu balm is just the right choice for them and it helps them in getting very quick relief from the hurting muscular pains. The quick recovery of players and athletes is very necessary for them as they have to get back quickly, in the playing area.

Manufactured By:
 Emami Ltd

Country of Origin: Product of India

Product Weight: 200 Grams Each

Quantity: 6 Pack (20 Pieces in Each)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

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