Marosa Spanish Saffron From Spain

3 Pack of Marosa Spanish Saffron From Spain 28.35 G (Zafran)

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84.00 Grams

Decorative sealed Tin containing ultra-quality saffron threads. This one is a beauty!

La Mancha Saffron (zafran) is the absolute best quality available. Hand harvested from the crocus sativus flower, this is the absolutely indispensable ingredient in Spanish cooking. The Saffron from La Mancha accounts for a small portion of the world's production, but the quality is unmistakably superior to that grown in Turkey, Iran, and India. These deep red threads (stigma) contain no waste or white plant parts (styles) that reduce the quality or add to cost; only the best of the best in this product!

Saffron is known as "the king of spices," and as the world's most expensive spice. Saffron is made from the dried stigmas of the flower species crocus. Each flower of the crocus sativus has only three pistils, and these must be picked by hand. Over 70,000 flowers are required to yield 1 lb. of saffron. It has been used since classical times as a flavoring in food and wine. It is an effective stimulant and digestive, increasing the flow of saliva and digestive juices. The very best saffron is grown in Valencia, Spain, and is widely cultivated in the mountains of Kashmir, India.

Country Of Origin: Product of Spain

Ingredients: Saffron

Product Weight: 28.35 Gram (1 oz) Each

Quantity: 3 Pack

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Tin Container

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