Shan Zaiqaydar Ginger Adrak Powder

3 Pack of Shan Zaiqaydar Ginger Adrak Powder 50 Grams

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150.00 Grams

For centuries, spices were the reason for explorations and conquests of lands and countries. Many of these globally popular spices have traditionally originated from the East. Shan brings to you the same authentic and aromatic spices to add zest to your food.
Experience Shan Zaiqaydar Adrak’s rich flavour and real freshness of the choicest premium quality spices.

Manufactured By:

Shan Food (PVT) Ltd.

Country of Origin:
Product of Pakistan

Product Weight:
50 Grams Each

Quantity: 3 Pack 

Product Packing:
Sealed with advanced V-Lock® technology that adds a natural protective shield to each individual spice particle which is then sealed in an oxygen free air-tight pouch. Additionally protected from UV and other harmful rays by a special hard pack preserving the natural freshness, taste, colour and flavours, of grounded Lehsan. Now you and your family can enjoy the best home-cooked meal every day.

Storage Instructions:
Keep in Cool & Dry Place


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