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3 Pack of Dabur Hajmola Candy 675 Grams

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Dabur Hajmola CandyFun and Healthy Tangy Treats

The Dabur Hajmola is a chewable tablet made of herbs, salts and spices based on traditional Indian herbal medicine that acts to relieve indigestion and may aid in other stomach ailments. It is widely consumed under its various brand names throughout the subcontinent. Dabur in a press release in December of 2012 claimed that 26 million Hajmola tablets were consumed daily in India alone.

The Dabur Hajmola Candy is a product of the Dabur Research & Development Center and is mainly marketed for children but has a sweet and sour taste that should appeal to the young and the old alike. You can get the Hajmola candy in two product sizes, either a 3.81 OZ plastic jar of forty Dabur Hajmola Candy pieces or a 23.81 OZ plastic jar of Dabur Hajmola Candy pieces.


Black Pepper, Black Salt, Cumin Seeds, Ginger and Sugar Base.

The Dabur Hajmola Candy has a more basic composition of salts and spices as compared to the regular Dabur Hajmola. This serves a dual purpose, firstly to reduce its potency as it is meant to be a snack and not a medicinal cure. Equally important, the reduced ingredients create a more balanced and candy like taste that appeals to a wider group of people.

These are the listed ingredients, but presumably the sugar base also contains artificial flavoring as the Dabur Hajmola Candy comes in up to four different flavors. These are mango, tamarind, orange and pineapple for the export quality version of the Dabur Hajmola Candy.

Is the Dabur Hajmola Candy safe to eat?

None of the listed ingredients are harmful and as the Dabur Hajmola Candy is eaten by children around the world with no adverse effect we can assuredly say that they are safe to eat. Black salt, one of the ingredients in this product, is known to contain sulfates and sulfites are a known allergen with a typically minor reaction. However, the concentration levels are quite low and should not induce any noticeable discomfort.

Final Thoughts

Dabur claims that the Hajmola Candy helps ensure regular digestive function and appetite. As it does contain most of the same ingredients that regular Hajmola does, we imagine there is some truth to this statement.

Even so, it is primarily made up of salts and spices rather than artificial ingredients that have no health benefit whatsoever. This combined with its sweet, tangy and spicy taste makes it a great choice of candy.

Key Ingredients: Kalimirch (Black Pepper) - gastro-intestinal stimulant Krishnalavana (Black Salt) - carminative and digestive, Jeeraka (Cumin seeds) - antispasmodic, Sunthi satva (Ginger) - digestive and tonic, Sugar Base

Product Weight: 23.81 OZ (675 Grams) Each

Quantity: 3 Jar (250 Pieces in Each)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Plastic Jar

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