Vatika Dermoviva Hydrate Plus Intensive Moisturizing Cream

3 Pack of Vatika Dermoviva Hydrate Plus Intensive Moisturizing Cream 140 ML

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Vatika Dermoviva Hydrate Plus Intensive Moisturizing Cream 4.73 Fl OZ

Why Skin Becomes Dry?

There are many factors, which can cause to make the skin of any person dry. The most major factor is winter season because in winter season the moisture level in the air drops to some very serious extent. The drop of moisture level in air causes to drop the moisture level in the skin of any person also and due to having less moisture in skin, the skin becomes dry. There are some other very important factors as well, which very considerably cause to make the skin dry. The often rubbing of face skin also causes the skin to lose essential oil contents and considerable moisture contents, which produce dryness of skin. Taking hot shower can give a wonderful experience to the bath taker but the hot water cause to rinse the essential oil contents from skin and consequently, the face skin starts to look dry. If the body of any person fails to produce the necessary quantity of oil content on face skin then the skin becomes dry and thus the bad health of any person is also a reason of dryness of skin. There are some other factors around, which cause the dryness of skin but above mentioned factors were the most major ones.

What To Do In This Case?

There are many remedies available for the cure of dryness of skin but the most appropriate one is to treat dryness by the use of a good skin moisturizer. A moisturizer basically prevents the natural moisture from getting off the skin. So the prevented moisture of skin saves the skin from becoming dry and thus the smoothness and even look of face skin don’t get diminish. Good moisturizers produce a thin layer on the surface of face and don’t let the harmful substances to go inside or healthy substances to leave the skin surface.

Vatika Dermoviva Hydrate Plus Intensive Moisturizing Cream:

Vatika company has presented this moisturizer in market with a promise that its regular use, will completely saves the face skin from becoming dry. The regular use of this cream prevents the necessary moisture from getting away from skin. The prevented moisture keeps the moisture level high inside the skin layers and thus the skin remains away from dryness. It is very necessary to save skin from becoming dry because dryness of skin doesn’t help in the production of a beautiful look and feel of face. This cream also makes a thin layer on the surface of face, which don’t let the essential substances to go out from skin and neither it let the harmful substances to penetrate into the skin. Hence, besides a good moisturizer, this cream does the work of a beauty enhancement product also.

Some Of Its Important Ingredients:

Honey: A natural humectant, locks-in moisture within the skin.
Aloe Vera: Helps replenish lost moisture from the skin.
Almond: Helps attracts and retain moisture within the skin.

  • Face, Body, Hands
  • Fights dryness, helps replenish skin moisture
  • Dry Skin

Manufactured By: Dabur International Limited

Country of Origin: Product of UAE

Product Weight: 4.73 Fl OZ (140 ML) Each

Quantity: 3 Pack 

Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool Place

Package: Plastic Jar

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