Hamdard Joshina

3 Pack of Hamdard Joshina 200 ML

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600.00 Grams

Hamdard Joshina Herbal Medicine 6.76 FL OZ

Joshina is a ready made convenient and more effective variation of Joshanda the age old, tried and trusted Unani remedy for colds, catarrh and sore-throat.

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  • Shake the bottle well before use.

Manufactured By:
Hamdard laboratories

Country of Origin: Product of India

Product Weight: 6.76 FL OZ (200 ML) Each

Quantity: 3 Pack 

Storage instructions: Keep in cool and dark place.

Package: Box

Direction for Use: 10 ml of Joshina mixed with 100 ml warm water, to be taken brefore breakfast and at bed time. In case of sore throat and cough, the dose is to be licked. For children half or less dose may be given according to age.

Formula: Each dose of 10 ml (2 teaspoonful) contains conc. aqueous extracts from: Alsi 62.22 mg, Maghaz Amaltas 125.92 mg, Burge Bansa 62.22 mg, Burge Gawzaban 188.14 mg, Dama Booti 25.18 mg, Sate Podina 2.2 mg, Roghan Tulsi 2.88 mg, Tukhm Khatmi 168.88 mg, Rube Mulethi 313.70, Tukhm Khubbazi 225.18 mg, Sapistan 200 mg, Unnab 225.18 mg, Naushadar Powder 111.11 mg, Qand Safaid QS (to make 10 ml dose), Preservative (Sodium Benzoate) 0.024 g.

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