Jhalak Natural Henna in Brown Color

3 Pack of Jhalak Natural Henna in Brown Color 50 Grams

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Henna & its History:
The use of Henna is not new. Peoples in many areas of the world, specifically India and Pakistan, use henna to decorate their hands and to color their feet. It is considered as safest way of decorating and coloring because it is 100% natural and has no side effect on skin or Hair. Many Muslims males of Pakistan and India also use it to cover their grey hair and beards.
Henna (Mehndi) is in powder form which is made after crushing the dry leaves of a plant known as Henna plant or Lawsonia inermis. This plant is grown in the dry climate.
(Wikipedia-Peoples are using Henna for more than 5000 years. Lawsone results in stains when it reacts with the proteins of skin and hair known as keratin.)

Jhalak Brown Mehndi:
Jhalak Brown Mehndi is a pure Herbal and natural hair coloring product. It is made up of freshly selected healthy leaves of Lawsonia plant which is found in dry climate of tropical areas. Jhalak Brown Mehndi is a chemical or ammonia free hair coloring dye with no reported adverse reactions. It gives pure Henna color to your hair. It is most probably used ion social or religious events in India and Pakistan. It improves the texture of hairs and also improves their look, healthy and shine.

Brown Mehndi is very easy to use and it spread on all the hairs and roots easily.

Product Weight: 50 Grams Each

Quantity: 3 Pack

Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool Place

Package: Box

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