Ayur Rajasthani Henna Powder

3 Pack of Ayur Rajasthani Henna Powder (Dark Brown)(160 GM)

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Ayur Rajasthani Henna Powder (Dark Brown) 160g

Ayur Rajasthani Henna Powder (Dark Brown):
This henna is very special and it has been prepared and provided in the market for those people, who want to use superior quality henna on their hairs and hands & feet. The color of this henna is dark brown and it is just excellent and ready to be used on hairs or hands & feet. This henna is in powder form and it can be mixed with a little hot water or milk, for the purpose of applying it on their hands & feet. This henna is all pure and it has been prepared with very pure and special ingredients. This henna has the ability of nourishment of hairs and body skin also. This powder form henna can be used for the purpose of nourishment of hairs or for the purpose of making the hands and feet, beautiful. The color of design, produced by this henna is always prove to be long lasting and this henna produce very dark shade of design on the hands of users. This henna is just extremely free from any kind of ingredients, which can harm the health of hairs and skin in any way.

Henna is a marvelous thing for the purpose of giving good health to hairs and it is widely known as a natural colorant of hairs, which color the hairs without damaging them in any way. Henna possesses the ability of deep nourishment of head hairs and there are some other purposes as well for which henna can be used like it can be used for making very colorful and beautiful designs on the hands and feet of any female.

When One Should Use This Henna?
There are several needs of the users regarding the matter of coloring of their hairs. People always want to use that kind of material on their hairs, which should possess the ability of coloring of their hairs without the potential of harming of the health and delicacy of their hairs. In this situation, this is very difficult for them to find a better option than henna for the purpose of coloring of their hairs.

What Is The Benefit Of A Natural Colorant?
There are many artificial colorants for hairs are available in market and there purpose is just one and i.e. to color the hairs of users, in their desired color. These artificial colorants do possess the ability of harming the health of hairs as well. So the users are supposed to use some natural colorants on their hairs because natural colorants don’t possess any potential of harming the health and delicacy of hairs in any way. Henna is a natural colorant and its use is very beneficial for the health of hairs.

Benefits Of This Henna:

  • It can be applied on hairs for the purpose of coloring them
  • It can be applied on hairs for the purpose of doing nourishment of hairs as well
  • It can be used for the purpose of producing some great and very colorful designs on the hand & feet
  • This henna produce a quite dark shade on the hands of users and the shade always prove to be long lasting
  • This henna can be used for the nourishment of hands and feet skin as well
  • The color produced by this henna produce a very dark shade

Read a further detail about Ayur Rajasthani Henna and detailed article on Henna, its colors, its pros, cons and benefits at Ayur Rajasthani Henna Powder 2.47 OZ.

Manufactured By: Pearls Of Beauty

Country Of Origin: Product of India

Product Weight: (160 Grams) Each

Quantity: 3 Packet

Storage Instructions:
Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Packet

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