Karishma Natural 12 Henna Cones for Body Art

3 Pack of Karishma Natural 12 Henna Cones for Body Art 360 Grams

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1,080.00 Grams

Henna for Decorating Skin:
Natural colorant henna is the best and safest way to color and decorate body parts. It has no harmful effect on skin. It is made up of only natural ingredients and is healthy for skin and hair.
Women like to use Cone Tubes to decorate their skin. Cone tube is preferable because it is clean and easy way to apply henna on Skin. You just need to cut the top of the tube and then start applying Henna on your Skin.

Karishma Henna Cone:
Karishma Henna Cone is the best Cone Tube for skin decoration. It has freshly packed henna paste which provides you better coloring. It has no artificial Colorants, pigments or chemicals in it which means that it has no side effect on skin. It has the best quality Henna which is obtained from the farms of India which is famous for its good quality Henna Production.

Is Karishma Henna Cone natural?
Karishma Henna Cone natural is made up of healthy natural ingredients only and is free from artificial colorants and other chemicals.Henna in it is obtained from healthy farms and is processed according to international standards.

How to use Reshma Henna?

  1. Using Henna cone is very easy.
  2. Just wash your body part and start making designs with Karishma Henna.
  3. Once you have finished making design, wait until it dries.
  4. It will 2-3 Hours to completely dry.
  5. Remove the dry paste after 2-3 hours using towel or tissue paper.
  6. Apply skin cream or any hair oil on that decorated part.
  7. After 20 minutes, wash it with plain water.

Country of origin: Product of India

Product Weight: 12.6 OZ (360 Grams) Each

3 Pakc of 12 Cones x 1.05 OZ (30 Grams) Each = 360 Grams

Storage Instructions:
keep in Cool and shady Place

Package: Box

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