Hoyu Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color # 59

3 Pack of Hoyu Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color # 59 Oriental Black

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Hoyu Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color # 59 Oriental Black 0.21 OZ

Why People Need Good Hairs Coloring Materials?

There are many people, who due to some specific reasons like health problems or intense mind works, start to lose the original color of their hairs, before adequate age. There are many people as well, who don’t want to lose the original color of their hairs, even at the elder phase of their age. For retaining the natural and original color of their hairs, it becomes necessary for them to use some externally applicable material on their hairs, for the purpose of keeping the original color of their hairs. These externally applicable materials, do dyeing of hairs in the desired color of the person, who wants to retain the natural color of his/her hairs. With the help of dyeing of hairs, the hairs can be dyed in the desired color of any person.

What Harm, The Dyeing Material Can Give To Hairs?

The dyeing material or products available in market are mostly being prepared from different chemicals and their inappropriate use and selection can very badly harm the hairs. In the matter of hair coloring materials or products, one should always have to choose the product from such a company, which possesses the fame of producing totally harmless and high quality products. The manufacturing companies of products for hair coloring have to use a lot of chemicals in their products, which can damage the hairs, very badly. So it is very necessary for users to choose harmless products for the purpose of dyeing of their hairs.  

Hoyu Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color:

Bigen company keeps a very renowned name among the manufacturers of products for hair dyeing. The very healthy aspect of products from bigen is that they never ever harm the hairs in any way. The bigen company has tried to use as many natural ingredients in it as many are possible. This product from Bigen, also doesn’t possess any harmful effect for hairs and besides coloring hairs naturally, it does sufficient nourishment of hairs also. The bigen company recommends its use for natural coloring of hairs and the company claims that I will not do any kind of damage to hairs. There is no ammonia present in this hair coloring powder and there is no need of adding hydrogen peroxide during its preparation.

Some Key Points:

  • Contains no ammonia
  • Requires no hydrogen peroxide
  • With perfume
  • 59 Oriental Black

Benefits of Hoyu Bigen Permanent Hair Color:

  • Long Lasting: Beautiful and True-to-Life color last long
  • No Harsh Color: Bigen Contains No Ammonia
  • Easy To Use: Just Mix with Plain water. No Hydrogen Peroxide is required
  • Economical: Bigen is easy to be divided for several uses
  • Natural Essence: Contains Seaweed & Oriental Berry Extracts

Manufactured BY: Bigen Chemical Co.

Country of Origin: Product of Japan

Product Weight: 0.21 OZ (6 Grams) Each

Quantity: 3 Pack

Storage Instructions:
Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Box

Caution: The ingredients in the product may have Allergic reactions on the skin. It does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of KhanaPakana.com. Test it before usage or consult with your physician prior to following any suggestions provided.

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