KalaKola Hair Color Fashion Collection

6 Pack of KalaKola Hair Color Fashion Collection (Medium Brown 41) 100 Gm

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KalaKola Hair Color Fashion Collection (Medium Brown 41) 3.5 OZ

It is common that everyone feels his hair major part of his beauty. Having Grey hair is a big tension especially when the grey is premature. Tension surrounds you and makes you uncomfortable everywhere. It affects your beauty and attractiveness. There are several Commercial Hair Dyes in the market which can solve this problem for you. But you should first get complete information that whether the hair dye you are using is safe to use and does not attack your natural hair structure. Yes it’s true, there are many hair colors which have toxic chemicals in them which can affect your hair and can also injure your scalp.

KalaKola Hair Color:
For safe and sound Hair coloring, KalaKola is the best choice. KalaKola entered in Hair Color market in 1990s, due to the demand of Hair color. It had done long researches and has made a range of good quality hair colors. KalaKola Hair Color Fashion Collection is one of the best Hair Color range. It is the most favorite hair color Product of Pakistan. It is the permanent Hair Color, best for grey coverage.


  • It’s a Permanent and long lasting color
  • It provides 100% Grey Coverage
  • It is easy to use and wash
  • For all kind of Hair
  • Contains vitamin E & Proteins in it

KalaKola Hair Color Fashion Collection Pack contains:

  1. Tube of color 50 ml
  2. Bottle of developer 50 ml
  3. Brush applicator
  4. Pair of gloves
  5. Direction manual

Ingredients: Emulsifying waxes, Dyes intermediate, Resorcinol, Ammonium hydroxide, Hydrogen per oxide, preservatives, Stabilizers, Perfume, De ionized water.

Recommended Application: Mix always 1 part of KalaKola cream with 1 part of developer.

Manufactured By: United Trading Society Karachi Pakistan

Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan

Product Weight: 3.5 OZ (100 Grams) Each

Quantity: 6 Pack 

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Box

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