Arzoo Mehndi Cone Henna Paste

3 Pack of Arzoo Mehndi Cone Henna Paste 66 Grams

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Arzoo Mehndi Cone Henna Paste 2.32 OZ

Henna cone is one of the most favorite products of the women of Pakistan, India & Middle East. They prefer it for BAQ and tattooing because it is easy to grip and use and gives fine look than other Henna application methods. They mostly use BAQ Cone Henna on Marriages, Cultural and religious events and social occasions.

Arzoo henna Tube Cone is made up of the finest quality Henna which has no harmful chemical in it. It has Citric Acid in it which is very beneficial for skin.

Arzoo Mehndi Cone Henna paste has natural Henna with Henna Oil (MU Grade), Citric Acid (Food Chemicals) and water. It has no irritation effect on skin and you can have restful sleep with it. It is considered as the best Body Art Quality henna in India. Its color last form 1 to 3 weeks.


  1. Firstly, Wash your body Part with the soap and then start decorating that part with the Arzoo Henna.
  2. After the decoration, give time to Henna to dry.
  3. Once the Henna is Dry, remove it with any towel or tissue paper by rubbing.
  4. Do not wash your hand, just apply any hair oil or skin cream.
  5. Wait for a few minutes and then wash your hand with pain water. Do not use soap or any other thing with the water to wash your hand.

Ingredients: Natural Henna, Henna Oil (MU Grade), Citric Acid (Food Chemicals)

Color: Reddish Black

Manufacturer: Abdul Karim & Sons

Country of origin: Product of Pakistan

Product Weight: 2.32 OZ (66 Grams) Each

Quantity: 3 Pack

Stooge Instructions: Store in Cool Place

Package: Box

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