Misha's Dulhan Gold 12 Jumbo Natural Henna Cones 1.19 LB

3 Boxes of Misha's Dulhan Gold 12 Jumbo Natural Henna Cones 1.19 LB

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1,700.00 Grams

Decorating Dulhan (Bride) on marriage is the very famous and common trend. Different cultures have different traditions about this. In Asia and many other regions, women are decorated with jewelry, make up and the most important thing Henna (Mehndi). In India and Pakistan, Henna is considered as the back bone of the beauty of Dulhan (Bride). Beautiful Design is made on hands, arms and feet of the Dulhan to make her look more beautiful.

Henna is a natural element obtained from the dry leaves of Henna plant Lawsonia. It stains body and hair with dark brown color. Its stains are temporary which last from 1 to 4 weeks. Normally Henna cones are used to decorate body. Cone is a plastic tube which is filled with the Henna paste in it. It has a small opening at the tip from where Henna comes out.

Dulhan Cone Henna Gold is 100% natural Henna cone. It has fresh and pure Henna in it. No chemical and artificial colors are added in it. Henna used in Dulhan Cone Henna Gold is taken from the best Henna leaves grown in Indian Farms.

Dulhan Cone gives smooth and equal line on skin which gives an outstanding and beautiful look. It is very easy to apply. You just have to cut a small tip from its top and then start applying it on your body to make designs. Give it time to dry. Once dries, remove it and wash your hand…

Note: Avoid Soap for long lasting color.

  • Made from finest quality Indian henna
  • 100% Natural 
  • No chemical used

Country Of origin: Product Of India

Product Weight: 1.19 LB (540 Grams) Per Box

Quantity: 3 Boxes of 12 Cones

Storage instructions: Store in a cool place

Package: Box

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