Minced Garlic 7 OZ

6 Pack of Minced Garlic 7 OZ

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1,200.00 Grams

Minced Garlic

Garlic Minced enhances flavor in any dish. The aroma and zest relishes every time you add dried garlic minced in any pantry. Its dehydrated form is also considered best and make every dish delicious. Minced garlic is essential in Italian Food and Chinese culinary.

Taste and Aroma: Strong and intense.

Uses: Integral in Italian Food and Chinese food. In general Garlic is considered a universal spice that has many uses.

Fact: Garlic has a very vivid history and lore, dating far back to consumption by the pyramid building Egyptians, to more modern folklore involving vampires.

Ingredients: Garlic

Product Weights: 7 OZ (198 Grams)

Quantity: 6 Pack

Country of Origin: Product of USA

Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool Place.

Package: Packet

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