Zebra Basmati Rice

3 Pack of Zebra Basmati Rice 20 LB 9.07KG

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While basmati is the world’s best loved rice, not all basmati brands are created equal. Mixing regular rice with basmati to economize on cost is a usual practice and the percentage of non-basmati rice may vary from brand to brand. Zebra Basmati provides the assurance of 100% purity as it is certified by the Reading Scientific Services Ltd, UK, an institute that developed a reliable technology for identifying audulteration in basmati.

  • Extra long kernel
  • Naturally aromatic
  • The true basmati (DNA tested and certified)
  • Supreme Quality
  • AGED
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan

Product Weight: 9080 Grams (20 LB, 9.07 KG) Each

Quantity: 3 Pack

Storage Instruction: Keep in cool and dry place

Package: Poly Bag

Plain Rice

Preparation Cooking Serving
20 Mins 20 Mins 4

Zebra basmati rice 2 cup
Water 4 cup
Salt to taste
Oil 2 tbsp
Lemon 1/2

1. Soak 2 cups Zebra Basmati Rice in water for 20 minutes.
2. Drain the water and rinse the rice in fresh water.
3. Boil the water and add soaked rice.
4. Then add oil and salt after 3-4 minutes.
5. When the rice is almost done strain and squeeze in half a lemon.
6. Then cover and keep on very low flame for 10 minutes to simmer.
7. Your rice is ready.

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