Safed Urad Daal

3 Pack of Safed Urad Daal 2LB KhanaPakana Brand

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KhanaPakana Brand Safed Urad Daal 2 LB

KhanaPakana Safed Urad Daal:
Safed Urad Daal or White Lentils is a modified form of Pure Urad Daal or Black Lentils. Lentils have white color which is covered with black cover. With cover it is known as Black Lentils but if the skin is removed, it is named as White Lentils.

White Lentils or Safed Urad Daal has several nutritional benefits and that’s why it is considered as the best Daal which is full of essential nutritional vitamins and minerals for human body. It is full of proteins and that’s why it can be used as a substitute of meats. Vegetarians and other peoples who love to eat Daal, loves Urad Daal the most. Urad Daal has Delicious taste and due to its taste and benefits, it is loved by Indian and Pakistanis. They commonly used it in their cuisines to boost up their taste buds and enjoy the taste.

This was a short detail about the product. You can read a comprehensive article on the health benefits and culinary used of Urad Daal or Lentils by visiting the page for Sabut Urad Daal Whole 2LB KhanaPakana Brand.

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Country Of Origin: Product of USA

Product Weight: 2 LBS (0.9 KG) Each

Quantity: 3 Pack

Storage Instructions: Store white urad dal in an air tight container.

Package: Packet

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