Maggi Coconut Milk Powder Mix

3 Pack of Maggi Coconut Milk Powder Mix 100 Grams

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Maggi Coconut Milk Powder Mix

Maggi Coconut Milk Powder Mix:
Maggi Coconut Milk Powder Mix is a dried coconut powder which is made up of health coconuts of Sri Lanka. Maggi Coconut Milk Powder Mix is hygienically perfect and full of natural benefits. Its making does not have any use of artificial flavor or preservative in it. Fresh, healthy and best coconuts are selected to make this product which assures its quality and taste. It can be mixed with water directly to make coconut cream or coconut milk.

Maggi Coconut Milk Powder Mix is manufactured under Stringent Quality Control System of Nestle Foods in Pannala, Sri Lanka. It meets all international quality standards and that’s why demanded in 60 countries all over the world.

Maggi Coconut Milk Powder Mix can be used with different dishes like curries, desserts, cakes, cookies and cocktails and gives delicious taste that’s why it is favorite choice of many chefs and kitchen experts.

Common Maggi Coconut Milk Powder uses:

  • Curries such as dhal, potato, seafood and meat.
  • Hoppers and Kiribath
  • Soups and sauces
  • Cakes, biscuits and beverages.
  • Desserts such as Watalappan and coconut mousse

Benefits of Maggi Coconut Milk Powder:

  • Natural Coconut Extracts
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Time saving
  • High quality with health
  • Usage and preparation instructions
  • Stringent Quality Control System

Method to use:
Mix Maggi Coconut Milk Powder Mix in lukewarm water and your coconut milk or coconut cream is ready.

   Thick Milk - 20g 150ml (lukewarm water)

   Thin Milk - 10g 150ml (lukewarm water)

Ingredients: Coconut Milk Solid, Maltodextrin, Sodium, Caseinate (From Milk), Sodium Phosphate

Manufactured By:
Nestle Lanka Plc.

Country of Origin: Product of Sri Lanka

Product Weight: 100 Grams Each

Quantity: 3 Pack

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Box


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