Dabur Pure and Natural Honey

3 Pack of Dabur Pure and Natural Honey (Grade A) 250 Grams

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What is the Dabur Honey?

Honey or shahad is a natural product made by honey bees, it is usually a blend of nectar collected from different flowers. Farmed honey may be the product of nectar collected from a single type of flower, known as monofloral honey or from many types of flowers, known as polyfloral honey. The healthful effects of honey are mentioned in many religious texts including Vedic, Islamic, Christian among others while also being documented in ancient Greek, Roman and Russian texts.

The Dabur Honey is advertised as being completely pure and natural. Dabur claims that their honey is collected from hives in the Sunderban forests, Himalayan valleys and Nilgiri mountains and has no artificial preservatives, additives or sweeteners.


The Dabur Honey is made from pure natural honey and is therefore completely safe for consumption. However, children under the age of one years should not eat honey. It is not advisable as all natural honey contains bacteria in a dormant state that may cause botulism. These bacteria are naturally destroyed by more developed digestive systems.

This Dabur Honey is a product of Canada and is rated as US grade A and is sourced from the nectar of flowers grown in Canada.

Why should I get Dabur Honey?

The Dabur Honey is pure and natural and contains no additives, preservatives or sweeteners. A number of brands or free range alternatives are available that offer a similar product. Ultimately it is down to your taste, if you have run out of it then you should certainly try out the Dabur Honey. If you like its texture, taste, color and viscosity over those of other natural honeys then you can keep buying Dabur Natural Honey.


The health benefits of honey are well documented and researched. Using Dabur Honey may help with a variety of ailments as it is known to have components that are antioxidants, it also has antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

In addition to being orally consumed, Dabur Honey can also be used to condition your skin and may be combined with vegetable oils. This is an effective method of reducing redness or acne on your face. It can also be applied to wounds to assist in healing and preventing infection. This may also help prevent the dressing from sticking to your skin.


There are no drawbacks associated with Dabur Natural Honey as it is completely natural and pure. The only caution that you should heed is to avoid giving the Dabur Honey to children below the age of one year.

Final thoughts

We believe that the Dabur Honey is an excellent purchase and considering its grade A quality, it is well worth its price. If you want natural or pure honey then the Dabur Honey is exactly what you are looking for and it is a great alternative to other brands that may or may not be purely natural.

Country of Origin: Product of Canada

Product Weights: 8.81 OZ (250 Grams) Each

Quantity: 3 Pack

Storage Instructions: Store at room temperature.

Package: Jar

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