Nanak Pure Desi Ghee (Clarified Butter)

6 Pack of Nanak Pure Desi Ghee (Clarified Butter) 1.6 KG (56 OZ)

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9,600.00 Grams

Nanak Pure Desi Ghee is made from 100% milk fat, and is also known as "clarified butter." Its golden yellow color and nutty flavor is perfect for many uses. Ghee is a supreme frying and cooking medium with distinguished flavor attributes.

Manufactured By:
Punjab Milk Foods Inc

Country Of Origin: Product of Canada

Ingredients: Milk Fat
Products in a facility uses nuts.

Product Weight: 1.6 KG (56 OZ) Each

Quantity: 6 Pack

Storage Instructions: Keep Cool

Package: Bottle

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  • The Best Ghee I have seen out there

    Posted by Thomas C on 4th Apr 2016

    I have been consuming Ghee ever since I was a kid and I definitely know a thing or two about Ghee.

    Color: First of all the yellower the Ghee, the better. Cow ghee yields yellower ghee, and Buffaloes yield white ghee. Grass Fed cows yield the most yellow ghee, which is better than hay fed or whatever-fed cows, whose ghee is not so yellow. If you buy regular butter from a store and make ghee, it will not be so yellow - much whiter. It is because the cows which helped make that butter were not fed green grass most of the time.

    Flavor: The flavor is rich, deep, nutty, and Umami. I have a strong sense of smell and almost feel I am standing next to a cow when cooking with this ghee, in a good sense. I don't get that feeling when eating regular butter. The aroma lessens significantly if you heat it or cook with it. It is more palpable if you just melt it on something. This ghee is made by culturing the cream first with yogurt, and THEN extracting ghee out of it. It is a big value-add in terms of flavor and nutrition, and it is also the traditional way. Extracting ghee from sweet cream butter will yield a different tasting ghee. Please note that whatever the method used, the final product (Ghee) is always sterile and free from any cultures.

    Texture: It is granular in appearance, which is the mark of top class Ghee. Superior ghee is always a bit granular. Of course, it all melts away into a smooth liquid upon heating. There are no particulates.

    Storage: There is practically no expiry date on Ghee. It'll last forever if you store it sensibly at room temperature. If it smells rancid then something is wrong. Otherwise, it is fine.

    Nutrition: Ghee is great for the Mind, Tissues, Organs and Skin. It has CLA which is anti-carcinogenic. It helps absorb Vitamins A,D,E,K. Because it is so stable while cooking, it does not generate free radicals (which are oxidants & inflammatory) which Canola or Olive Oils can generate if heated to very high temperatures. Used for thousands of years in Cooking, Topical applications, Ayurvedic medicines etc., I encourage you to research it and read 8-10 articles on the benefits of Ghee to get a general understanding. Its not all about saturated fats. There's much much more to ghee. Consumed in moderate amounts and with a lower carbohydrate diet, it will help you live a longer and healthier life.

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