Satya Super Sandal Incense Stick

3 Pack of Satya Super Sandal Incense Stick (12 Boxes in Each)

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720.00 Grams

Also known as sanders or yellow sandalwood. The fragrance of sandal are woody sweet, clean & transcends the magic of divination, good luck & success.

Sandalwood acts as a sedative & aphrodisiac. Inhale the fragrance to instil spirituality & inner quiet.

Satya Sai Baba incense sticks are a premium incense variety from Shrinivas Sugandhalaya, the makers of the original authentic NagChampa and many other classic incense fragrances.

Another fine product from the makers of the original NagChampa. Like NagChampa, this incense is Masala based (soft and moist).

This ultra moist, long lasting Indian masala incense will create an atmosphere conducive for meditation, yoga, or any pastime in which one wants to simply enjoy its pleasant aroma.

Also known as Sanders or yellow sandalwood. The fragrance is woody sweet, and clean.  The scent of Sandalwood essential oil or Sandalwood incense clarifies the mind and helps to awaken intelligence, and is often used as an aid for meditation. It calms the mind, soothes stress and nervous tension, and uplifts the mood. It is said to enliven courage, purpose, strength and happiness. The scent is uplifting--good for the magic of divination, good luck & success.

This sandalwood comes from the makers of Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa, Shrinivas Sugandhalaya. This incense is Masala based (soft and moist) like Nag Champa with a different aroma. Each of the hand-rolled incenses from Shrinivas Sugandhalaya has its own unique fragrance, evoking a subtly different mood and yet all are somehow related. If you like Nag Champa, but prefer a more woody scent, you will love this incense.

The Sandal tree is highly regarded in the Vedic texts, and the heartwood is considered to be sacred. Sandalwood or chandan scents the whole of paradise with its fragrance. Sandalwood is considered the epitome of excellence, imparting fragrance even to the axe that cuts it. For this reason anything that is excellent is referred to as chandan. It is used in sacred ceremonies and to purify holy places.

  • Rekindling your thirst for fine fragrance
  • Eco Friendly Pack

Country of Origin: Product of India

Product Weight: 8.46 OZ (240 Grams) Each

Quantity: 3 Pack (12 Small Boxes in Each)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool Place

Package: Box

Direction: Light the tip of the stick & wait till it burns evenly. Blow out the flame and place the stick over the stand provided.

Caution: For fragrance purposes only. Keep out of reach of children, pets. Never leave burning incenseunattended, and make sure all ashes fall in ashtrays or burners.

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