Candy & Sweets

3 Pack of Ahmed Gulab Jamun 850 Grams


Ahmed Karachi Merchant, products are produced to the highest standards. We want you to enjoy this product, but if you hoven't, we would like to understand why? We hope you enjoy tasting the excellence of product as much. We enjoy creating this excellence...

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3 Pack of Bansi Dry Fruits Chikki


With utmost care, we prepare nutritious and delightful Dry Fruit Chikki, which has high content of minerals and vitamins with low calories. This fresh and flavorful chikki offers the natural goodness of dry fruits and jaggery. Best...

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3 Pack of Bhagat's Son Papdi


Son Papdi is a famous Indian sweet made of flaky layers. This melt-in-your-mouth sweet has a toffee-like flavor and is made with sugar, gram flour, all purpose flour, glucose, cardamom, pistachios, almonds and cucumber seeds. Sweets from india...

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