Lipton Yellow Label Tea

3 Pack of Lipton Yellow Label Tea 7 OZ (100 Teabags)

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600.00 Grams

Lipton Yellow Label Tea 7 OZ

Lipton is a Unilever brand. Exciting recent research has proven that tea naturally contains the ingredient. Theanine along with other goodness of tea, this can help clear your mind. Only Lipton Yellow Label picks the finest quality young leaves that are naturally high in theanine 3-4 cupsof delicious Lipton Yellow Label a day, stimulates brain waves which are associated with a calm and clear mind, so that you see things clearly.

Lipton Yellow Label-Clears your mind so you can see things that others don't 50 mg of theanine, acomponent naturally present in tea, stimulates alpha-1 brain waves which are associated with a relaxad and alert mental state.

Thind about what you drink

Do you know that tea is the second most healthy beverage. after water?

By following the healthy beverage guidelines you can ensure that your daily fluid intake as part of a balanced diet is healthy ahnd low in fats and empty calories.

  • Tea Bags

Manufactured By:
Unilever Pakistan Limited,

Country Of Origin: Product of Pakistan

Ingredients: Black tea

Product Weight: 7 OZ (200 Grams) Each

Quantity: 3 Pack (100 Tea Bags in Each)

Storage Instructions: Store in a Cool Dry Place

Package: Box

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