Qarshi Jam-E-Shirin

6 Pack of Qarshi Jam-E-Shirin 800ML

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Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin – Delicious Herbal Drink

What is the Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin?

cordial or squash is usually a fruit flavored syrup used to prepare delicious drinks by mixing or diluting it into water. In the subcontinent, rose flavored cordials have been popular for a very long time. The Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin is one of the most ubiquitous and popular brands available in the subcontinental region. Rose flavored cordials such as the Qarshi Jam e Shirin are used to cool down and beat the summer heat.

This syrup is made of refined sugar flavored with distillations of various herbs to create a thick squash. The herbs used to prepare the Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin include sandalwood and vetiver, both of which are known to be anti inflammatory, analgesic and having a cooling effect. Drinking a chilled serving of the Qarshi Jam e Shirin helps you to immediately cool down after strenuous exercise or in blistering summer days.


A complete list of ingredients used to make the Qarshi Jam e Shirin is given further below. Some of the natural ingredients used include Damask rose, Indian sandalwood, vetiver, Thatch screwpine and stone flowers.

In addition, sodium benzoate and citric acid are used as preservatives in this herbal syrup. Citric acid is a commonly occurring organic acid present in many fruits including oranges, lemons, limes, berries and pineapples to name a few.

Sodium benzoate has been the subject of some controversy as it can form benzene (a known carcinogen) when combined with other ingredients. However, most products, including the Qarshi Jam e Shirin, simply do not contain the other ingredients – ascorbic acid (E300) and potassium benzoate (E212) – or contain them in very low quantities, as approved for use by the US FDA and the various European Food Standards Agencies.

None of the ingredients are known to cause any side effects, making the Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin completely safe for drinking.


The Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin has a delicious, exotic and sweet herbal taste, primarily of rose and sandalwood. You may add this syrup to taste in water or milk to prepare a refreshing drink according to your personal preference. You can also drizzle the Qarshi Jam e Shirin syrup over desserts or ice cream to add a rich exotic flavor.

The Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin is great for quenching your thirst and cooling you down.


Due to the use of refined sugar to make this syrup, the Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin is not suitable for diabetics. There are no known side effects associated with drinking or eating this syrup insofar as we are aware.


The Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin is a rose flavored cordial or syrup which may be used to prepare a thirst quenching and cooling drink. It may be mixed into water or milk or drizzled over deserts or ice cream. The ingredients used to make the Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin are mostly natural herbs, ensuring that this syrup is free of any adverse side effects.

It is available for a reasonably low price and is made by a brand that is known for the quality of its products. The Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin is an excellent rose flavored syrup and we highly recommend trying it out.

Note: there may be some suspended particles in the syrup which are active ingredients released by natural extracts. Shake Well Before Use. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Serving Instructions: 20 ml concentrated syrup in 230 ml water.

Manufactured By:
Qarshi Industries (Pvt) LTD.

Country Of Origin: Product of Pakistan

Ingredients: Refined sugar, Santalum album, Rosa Damascina, Parmelia Perlata, Pandanus tectorius, Andropogon muriatus, Retz, Sodium benzoate (as preservative), Citric acid, Food color (F.D&C Red 40)

Product Weight: 27.4 FL.OZ (800 ML) Each

Quantity: 6 Pack

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Plastic Bottle


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