Hamdard Rooh Afza Sharbat (Syrup) 700 ML

3 Pack of Hamdard Rooh Afza Sharbat (Syrup) 700 ML

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Hamdard Rooh Afza Sharbat  (Syrup) 700 ML

Hamdard Rooh Afza:

Hamdard Rooh Afza is natural Syrup mostly used in India & Pakistan. Hamdard Rooh Afza is a non-Alcoholic sweet liquid which is made up of the extracts of Natural Herbs. It was first made by Hakeem Abdul Majeed, owner of Hamdard laboratories.

Benefits of Rooh Afza:
You might be unaware of its several benefits. Hamdard Rooh Afza is basically made for summer seasons. It keeps you refresh, energetic and active even in hot and humid summer. It maintains temperature of your body and prevents heat Stroke, dehydration and Heat Exhaustion. It removes your thirst and recharges your body. It is made according to the international Standards and does not have any negative effect on body and health.

Uses of Rooh Afza:
Rooh Afza is not only used with water. You can take it with Milk, and can also use it in different sweets like Falooda, Feerni, Custard and ice cream. It is considered as compulsory at the time of Fasting in the month of Ramadan.

Ingredients of Hamdard Rooh Afza
Different Companies have made some changes in the basic formula and of Rooh Afza and has made substitute for Rooh Afza. But Hamdard Rooh Afza is famous due to its quality and taste. It is because of the natural ingredient added in it. These ingredients are Sugar, Distillate of Fragrant Screw pine, Distillate of Rose, Citric Acid, F.D & C Red 40, Sodium Benzoate as a Preservative, Xanthan gum & Aqua Distillate.

Manufactured By: Hamdard Laboratories

Country Of Origin: Product of Pakistan

Product Weight: 700 ML Each

Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool Place

Package: 3 Plastic Bottle

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