Rubicon Lychee Juice Drink Litchi Juice

6 Pack of Rubicon Lychee Juice Drink Litchi Juice 1000 ML

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6,000.00 Grams

With Lychee, your nose will probably tell you how great it’s going to taste before it even hits your lips. It might be a bit out of the ordinary but that’s why people love Lychee so much! And of course, we only use orchard-fresh, handpicked fruits, making sure the unique natural fragrance and flavour aren’t lost.

Rubicon selected only the finest exotic fruit varities from around the world and are passionate about preserving their essence. For a truly authentic taste experience, try Rubicon's rangre of 100% exotic, single fruit juice Drinks.

  • Natural and Simulated Flavours

Manufactured By:
Rubicon Drinks Limited

Country of Origin: Product of England

Ingredients: Water, Lychee Juice (18%), Sugar, Malic Acid, Stabilisers (Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum), Flavourings, Vitamin C

Product Weight: 1000 ML (33.08 Fl Oz) 1 Litre Each

Quantity: 6 Pack

Storage Instructions: Keep in refrigerator

Package: Box


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