Vicco Vajradanti Tooth Powder

6 Pack of Vicco Vajradanti Tooth Powder 200Gm

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1,200.00 Grams

Vicco Vajradanti Tooth Powder 7 OZ

Vicco Vajradanti Tooth Powder:
Vicco Vajradanti is an Herbal Tooth Powder which makes your teeth and gums strong. It is a combination of 20 herbs combined by India’s most famous Vicco Laboratories. It prevents teeth from decay and treats pyorrhea, bleeding and swelling of gums and inflammation. Its Herbal formula cleans your teeth and gums and removes impurities from your mouth. It also treats wounds and tooth-acne and keeps your mouth fresh.

Is Vicco Vajradanti Herbal?
Vicco Vajradanti Tooth Powder contains 20 natural herbs with no artificial ingredient of flavor at all. It is healthy and have no reported side effect on health. All herbs used in it are Ayurvedic and are in use for centuries.

Benefits of Vicco Vajradanti:

  • Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Make gums strong and healthy
  • It treats several teeth problems including teeth decay
  • Gives relief from tooth acne
  • Free from chalk or coal

Method to Use:
Apply on gums and massage gently for at least 2 minutes. After 5 minutes Rinse it with water.


Ingredient Quantity Ingredient Quantity
  Babhul     0.06g   Akkal Kadha     0.01g
  Jambhul     0.05g   Bakul     0.22g
  Lavang     0.005g   Jeshthamadh     0.016g
  Manjishtha     0.06g   Kavab-chini     0.06g
  Dalchini     0.002g   Anant Mul     0.01g
  Bor     0.02g   Ajwan     0.005g
  Vajradanti     0.04g   Maifal     0.01g
  Acrod     0.003g   Trifala     0.04g
  Khair     0.02g   Alum     0.038g
  Patang     0.02g   Salt     q.s
  Sugar     0.06g   Excipients     q.s

Manufactured By: Vicco Laboratories (GOA)

Country Of Origin: Product of India

Product Weight: 7 OZ (200 Grams) Each

Quantity: 6 Bottle

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Bottle

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