Ayurvedic Dharasana Malis Tel

6 Pack of Ayurvedic Dharasana Malis Tel

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390.00 Grams

Ayurvedic Dharasana Malis Tel can bive prompt relief by massage.

Indications: Arthritis & Joint Pain, of the veins, Sciatica. Excruciating pain, swelling of knees, backpain, pain without wound, sprain, overlapping of veins, numbing of limbs, benumbing of hands & feet, shotting pain, body cocoming cold owing to reduction in body temprature due to nervousness etc.

Usage: Take a few drops in your hand & gently massage it twice or thrice a day.

Ingredients: Eucalyptus oil 4.5%, Camphor Oil 4.5%, Malakkna Oil 4.5%, Loban Ful 1.80%, Oil Rosa 0.68%, Sargava oil 0.68%, Oil Lemongrass 2.20%, M.P. Oil 0.55%, Mirban Oil 0.55%, Khakhan Oil 4.5%, Camphor 0.30%, Ajman Ful 0.30%, Eijmit Ful 0.30%, Sarisa Oil q.s.

Country of Origin: Product of India

Product Weight: 2.19 FL OZ (65 ML) Each

Quantity: 6 Box

Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool place

Package: Box

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