3 Packs of Metromilan Lilly Scent Of Love Incense Sticks 6 Boxes (20 Sticks in each)

3 Packs of Metromilan Lilly Scent Of Love Incense Sticks 6 Boxes (20 Sticks in each)

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A world of fragrances that fill millions of homes and institutions with an excellent variety of best-loved aromas.For over four sweet-smelling decades, and a distinctive leadership in the industry, we bring you an outstanding bouquet of soul-soothing and refreshing fragrances that cater to the divergent taste of a wide spectrum of customers across the globe.The unique Metromilan Agarbatti Incense are among the most popular, perfumed incense sticks made from a selection of the finest ingredients collected from around the world.Consistent high quality coupled with a passion for excellence drives us to be innovative and proactive to serve every shade of taste desired by customers from different market segments.
Whichever from the multiple reasons Agarbattis are used, events, anniversaries, occasions or simply on a daily
basis to refresh the environment, you will find an aroma, a fragrance that truly satisfies your individual desire and


  • Best Quality.
  • Best Packaging.
  • Soul - Soothing & An Addictive Fragrance.
  • Long Lasting Sweet Smell. 
  • Hand-dipped incense.
  • Aromatic biotic materials.
  • Incense refers to the substance itself.

Direction: Light the tip of the incense stick and allow to burn with a flame for several seconds.Blow out the flame
and place the stick in a suitable holder. Sit back and enjoy the mystical moments of Metromilan aromas.

Warning: Make sure you burn the incense away from combustible material such as curtains. Never leave a burning
incense stick unattended. Keep away from children and animals. Burning time is approximately 20 minutes.

Country Of Origin: Pakistan.

Product Weight: 18 Boxes (6 Box each)

Package: Boxed Packet.

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